At Harvest International School, we are committed to providing an inclusive and enriching educational experience for students from diverse backgrounds and nationalities. Our admission policy is designed to ensure that students who join our school are well-suited to thrive academically and contribute positively to our school’s vision and mission.

Criteria for Admission – General:

Most students commence their studies at the beginning of the academic year in April. However, we understand that circumstances may vary, and new registrations may be accepted throughout the academic year. Admission during times other than the start of the year is at the discretion of the school management, taking into account individual case details. Admission decisions are based on the assessment of a student’s ability to cope with the academic and co-curricular rigor of our programs.
We welcome students of all nationalities, beliefs, and races, provided they meet the academic and behavioral criteria, including proficiency in English (both spoken and written). Please note that all decisions regarding admission to the school, as taken by the school management, are considered final and binding.

Admission Form Information:

A complete application for admission must include the following documents and information:

  1. Application form and student’s profile
  2. Student’s birth certificate (Translated into English where required)
  3. Student’s report card/educational certificates/transcripts for the past two academic years (Translated into English where required)
  4. School Leaving/Transfer Certificate
  5. Any pertinent information regarding participation in extracurricular activities
  6. Two recent passport-sized photographs (in color)
  7. Passport copy of the applicant and the parents (For foreign nationals)
  8. Copy of Blood Group Report

Please note that all original documents must be available for inspection by the school when requested. Applications will not be considered until all required information and payments have been received by our Admissions Office. All formalities of admissions must be completed within 15 days of form submission. Filling the Application Package does not guarantee admission.

Age Criteria:

As students join Harvest International School from different countries and educational systems worldwide, age requirements for each year group may vary. The final decision regarding the year group/grade level of a student depends on previous school records and the admission test/interview at the time of application.

As a general guideline, students at Harvest International School typically fall within the following age groups as of April 1st of the academic year:

PRE-PRIMARY3 -6510 – 11
16 – 7611 – 12
27 – 8712 – 13
38 – 9813 – 14
49 – 10914 – 15

Students joining Kindergarten must be at least 2.5 years old and toilet trained by April 1st of the current academic year before they enter school.

Admission Process (Grade 1 and Above):

For students seeking admission in Grade 1 and above, admission is purely based on the following criteria:

  1. Admission Test: Students are required to sit for an Admission Test, which assesses their proficiency in key academic subjects and their readiness for the grade level they are applying for. The test helps ensure that students can comfortably engage with the curriculum and meet the academic expectations of their respective grade.
  2. Personal Interview: Following the Admission Test, students and their parents are invited for a personal interview with our school authorities. This interview provides an opportunity for us to understand the student’s unique strengths, interests, and educational background. It also allows us to assess their compatibility with our academic programs.

At Harvest International School, we believe in providing a fair and thorough evaluation process to ensure that students are placed in the appropriate grade level where they can excel academically and thrive socially. Admission decisions for Grade 1 and above are made based on the combined assessment of the Admission Test and the personal interview.
Please note that the final decision regarding admission, including grade placement, rests with the school’s principal and is considered binding.