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Innovation – HIS is now a SAT test centre

“Innovation is the only way to win.” – Steve Jobs

Many colleges require scores from the SAT tests as a part of the admissions process.  

SAT or Scholastic Assessment Test is a standardized test administered by the College Board and is required to be taken by students seeking admission to undergraduate schools. SAT test has been developed to evaluate the written, verbal and mathematical skills of the candidates. Applicants who aspire to pursue undergraduate courses, particularly in the US are required to take the SAT exam. The SAT is a multiple-choice, pencil-and-paper test. 

The purpose of the SAT is to measure a high school student’s readiness for college, and provide colleges with one common data point that can be used to compare all applicants. College admissions officers review standardized test scores alongside your high school GPA, the classes taken in high school, letters of recommendation from teachers or mentors, extracurricular activities, admissions interviews, and personal essays. How important SAT scores are in the college application process varies from school to school.

Overall, the higher you score on the SAT, the more options for attending and paying for college will be available.

To make it convenient and smooth for its learners to understand and familiarize themselves with the conduct and administering of the SAT, Harvest International School has gone ahead with setting up of SAT test Centre on its campus permanently. Tests take place in accordance with the SAT test schedule and regulations.

This is yet another feather in our hat of achievements towards student empowerment!