Director’s Message

The etymology of Education tells us that the word Education is derived from the Latin verb “Educare” meaning “to bring up a child”, which was formed from the verb “Ducare” meaning “to lead”. Therefore, education means to develop and define the full abilities and potential of a person. Education and learning is a lifelong process that happens from the womb to the tomb, and we at Harvest International School aspire to make and mould our students into responsible global citizens who are purpose driven individuals, lifelong learners, outliers, and deep readers.

The Harvest International School shares the 3-Fold Purpose of Education, embraced, and streamlined in the above context, with its students.

  • Imparting Information, Knowledge and Igniting the Minds by creating a Culture of Innovation, Acceptance and Learning
  • Development and Enhancement of Technology, Skills and Language
  • Inculcate and Nurture Attitudes and Values embroidered in Love, Empathy, Discipline, and Respect

Harvest International School assures to always remain child centric (children first), celebrating the life and learning’s of our students to the fullest. We promise to teach the child and not the subject alone. Our effort is to introduce our children to education as their best companion and friend for life and also to unlock the potential of our students and staff, making them future ready by becoming the change they want to see in this world. We at Harvest International School will continue to “Serve, Support, and Strengthen” not only our students but even their parents by constantly aspiring to be one of the foremost day cum boarding schools in India by excelling across all parameters of learning.

In conclusion I reiterate that all of us at Harvest, comprising of the students, teachers and staff, will persevere in our unremitting quest to become globally minded by aligning ourselves with an emerging sustainable world community leading to the formation of a more equitable and egalitarian society.