Education Beyond Classrooms

Education beyond classroom is l earning Outside the Classroom using places other than the classroom for teaching and learning. It is about getting children and young people out and about, providing them with challenging, exciting and different experiences to help them learn.

Location of Harvest at the outskirt of Ludhiana city, in the mist vast and green farm land gives all favourable climate of learning outside the classroom.

  • Learning outside the classroom is a tool for teaching and learning which has been proven to raise attainment and achievement, improve behaviour and improve the engagement of all groups of pupils, including those who are hard to engage inside the classroom environment.

Learning outside the classroom can happen at almost any time and almost anywhere

The ‘places’ where learning happens can have a significant effect on how a young person engages with a subject or an idea. Learning outside the classroom can happen at almost any time and almost anywhere – outdoors or indoors: in the school grounds, on the high street, in the local park, in museums and art galleries, on mountain tops and rivers, in remote places, or elsewhere in the world. At Harvest we enable our students to have great freedom to learn outside classroom.

Parents Engagement

The relationship between student, school and home is critical to building a successful partnership. We understand that communication is an essential element of the educational journey, which is why at Harvest we use an online learning environment, Connect Harvest, to streamline communication and provide easy access to your child’s learning journey.

Features include:

Learning Journal

  • Learning Journal (LJ) is a reflective and ongoing document of students’ learning journey. This includes the planning, practice, assessment and reflection of both curricular and cocurricular activities of students.
  • It consists of month wise syllabus, assessment report, feedback and reflection of students’ learning.
  • LJ is also a medium of communication between school and parents so it is appreciated that parents check the LJ on a daily basis.

Please ensure to see the monthly briefing and class teachers’ report sent about the progression of your ward on 1st or 2nd working day of every month and acknowledge the same.

  • Your primary source for information; access to the weekly school newsletter and up-to-date information on School activities, events, Canteen menu and more.
  • Providing visibility of your child’s assessment tasks allowing you to track progress to completion