Principal’s Message

Dear Students, Parents and Visitors,

I feel very proud to be associated with Harvest International School and welcome you all to this temple of futuristic education. In this rapidly changing era, it has become very challenging to provide a well-balanced, relevant and modern educational framework to the learners. I’m glad that Harvest International School understands this and hence, has come up with a cluster of best national and international academic curricula to suit the varied needs of the students of Ludhiana and Punjab. These carefully chosen curricula focus on connecting knowledge to life outside the classroom and the school, ensuring that learning drifts away from conventional rote methodologies, enriching teaching-learning process so that it goes beyond textbooks, building commitment to democratic values of parity, fairness, independence, concern for others’ well-being, secularism and respect for human dignity and rights.

At Harvest International School, it is our aim not only to pursue academic excellence but also to encourage our students to be lifelong learners, critical thinker, future makers and productive members of an ever-changing truly global society. Our Staff, Parents, and Students take a great deal of pride in offering the highest level of academic classes along with the belief that all students should be involved in and enjoy their school experience at the same time. We endeavour to provide our learners with an atmosphere for multifaceted development, where they can channelize their abilities in the pursuit of excellence in all walks of life. We promise that our approach to learning will always be student-centric and inductive promoting activity based learning and a spirit of free inquiry.

We want our students, parents, staff and visitors to feel welcome and as though they have always belonged on our campus. Fostering this sense of belonging and culture of kindness comes from hiring, training and retaining the right mix of people who are extremely talented at what they do and are committed to developing a positive school climate.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Harvest International School. While no website can completely capture the dynamic environment that defines this unique school, I hope that your exploration will provide you a taste of our amazing HIS community.



Jay Sharma