Principal’s Message

Dear parents, visitors and student,

I am filled with a sense of pride and honor to be affiliated with the esteemed institution of Harvest International School, and welcome you all to this hallowed hall of advanced pedagogy. In this era of rapid change and tumultuous progress, it is a formidable task to provide a comprehensive, contemporaneous, and modern educational paradigm for the edification of the learners. I am gratified that Harvest International School has cognizance of this fact and has thus implemented a plethora of the most esteemed national and international academic curricula, tailored to the diverse needs of the students of Ludhiana and Punjab. These judiciously selected curricula emphasize the nexus between knowledge and the practical realm, ensuring that the process of learning transcends the rote methodologies of the past, elevating the pedagogical process beyond the confines of textbooks, and instilling a commitment to democratic values such as equality, fairness, autonomy, empathy, secularism, and respect for human dignity and rights.

At Harvest International School, our aspiration is not limited to the attainment of academic excellency, but also to inculcate in our students the mindset of lifelong learning, critical thinking, and proactive participation in shaping the future of our global society. Our staff, parents, and students take great pride in providing the highest level of academic instruction, while also maintaining the belief that all students should actively engage and derive enjoyment from their school experience. Our approach to learning is geared towards promoting the holistic development of our learners, fostering the cultivation of their talents and abilities in the pursuit of excellence in all walks of life. We pledge that our pedagogical approach will always be centered around the needs and perspectives of the student, promoting an inductive, activity-based method of learning and a culture of free inquiry.
We strive to create an environment where our students, parents, staff, and visitors feel a sense of belonging and camaraderie. This is achieved through the recruitment, training, and retention of a diverse and highly talented faculty, who are devoted to fostering a positive school culture.
I express my gratitude for your interest in Harvest International School. While no website can fully capture the dynamic and vibrant essence of our institution, I trust that your perusal of our site will provide you with a glimpse of the remarkable community that is HIS.



Jay Sharma