Sports Facilities

Inclusive Opportunities / World Class Sports facility

Harvest is committed to providing our students with representative sporting opportunities across all our sports. The Sports Department recognises the need to work towards an inclusive approach that enables as many students as possible to train and develop their skills across the sports. As part of our program, we run a no-cut policy for the following sports:

This means that we will field as many teams as needed for these sports depending on the level of interest. This of course must come within the constraints of facilities and staffing. The focus of our Harvest Representative training sessions is on learning. Our coaches are there to teach your child about the game, about sportsmanship, fair play, commitment and sacrifice. Enjoyment will come from learning, from the thrill of competition and from working with their team mates in working towards a common goal.

Athletic Development Programme for Exceptional athletes

Harvest International School proudly implemented an Athlete Development Programme (ADP) from inception of school. The programme is the first of its kind at an international school in India and aims to enhance the Representative Sporting Programme already firmly in place at HIS. Through the ADP we identify and develop potential and aspiring athletes, providing them with exceptional opportunities to achieve sporting excellence in the following areas:

  • Personal Excellence
  • Pride and Passion
  • Holistic Development of the Athlete
  • Character and Sportsmanship
  • Emerging Leadership
  • Improved Athletic Performance

Students selected for the Athlete Development Programme will engage in eight different modules over a two-year period as follows:

Year 1

  • Sport Psychology
  • Training Principles
  • Skill Acquisition
  • Nutrition

Year 2

  • Sport Psychology
  • Injury Management & Prevention
  • Ergogenic Aides
  • Coaching Methods

Fitness, strength, training, conditioning and recovery will be vital components of the Programme, and focus on these areas will be stepped up during the Championships season when students will be representing the school in a variety of sports.

Coaching for Character Developing mind over matter

Integrity, belief, excellence, respect, opportunity and achievement – these are values and behaviors that are central to sport at Harvest. We teach our students the importance of playing with a higher purpose, to play for the person next to you, to play for all who came before you and those yet to wear the green jersey.

The development of character and the sense of team is every bit as important as the development of skills and fitness. Harvest athletes are relentless in their pursuit of sporting excellence-we will never be perfect, but in the process, we will achieve greatness.