Vice-Principal’s Message

Dear Students, Parents and Visitors,

Welcome to Harvest. As the Vice-Principal of this reputable institution I feel quite fortuitous to work with dedicated, zealous, solicitous and innovative faculty members, parents and students.

While most people would regard learning as a way to earn a livelihood and live lavishly, we at Harvest are of the considerate opinion that it is a metamorphosis and blooming of personality. As an individual, a young pupil is born with the inherent ability to learn and grow. However, the opportunities and milieu offered to them play a definitive role in the life lessons embodied and imbibed. At Harvest, the focus always remains on holistic development and education.
At Harvest, we strongly believe that every learner is a blessing and moving ahead, chiseling of their personality is the ultimate aim of education. For accomplishing this, we provide an environment for them where values are at the core along with the chance to grow and shine. Of course, academics and co-curricular activities go hand in hand to enable them to scale the summit of success.


Puja Chandpuri